Quizzes for Volunteers

The Quizzes for Volunteers are an easy way for volunteers to check their knowledge about a particular task before they head off to the venue on which they have been assigned.  To read the duties in more details volunteers can refer to the Volunteer Tasks information which has a description of all the duties  or watch Volunteer Task Videos  - all of this material having been prepared by previous volunteers based on their experiences.

There is no obligation for Volunteers to undertake the quizzes but they should prepare particularly new volunteers with the tasks that they are likely to be asked to undertake.

At the end of any test an email will be sent to the volunteer and to the volunteer coordinator with results of the particular test undertaken. 

If there are other questions or information that should be part of these quizzes add it to the "suggestion" question of the quiz - or alternatively email this to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is no limit set on the number of times a would-be-volunteer can undertake any quiz and corrected answers will be shown upon completion of the quiz.

The list of possible quizzes is as follows (access through the menu - or click on the link below) .  Each of the later quizzes require the participant to have firstly undertaken the General Introductory Quiz - and a link is given to that quiz before a new participant starts.


- Introductory

- Historical

- Management (Committee Organization)

Discipline Specific

- Vocal

- Instrumental

- Dance

- Speech

- Seniors(50+)


- Front-of-Door

- Registration

- Catering

- Scribing

- MC

Miscellaneous - Special events or special tasks which may arise can be added in to this heading.