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NOTE: Choral events take place at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club.  All solo vocal events take place at the North Ryde Community Centre, 201 Cox's Road, North Ryde.

73122B Own Composition (Pop/Jazz Vocal)OPEN601-Aug18:31
73123 RX Performance Factor1531-Jul20:00
73120D Amplified Vocal Solos - 15 & over1931-Jul18:30
73121B PopRockJazz Solos_16 & U1302-Aug18:30
73121C PopRockJazz Solos_OPEN302-Aug17:00
73123 RX Performance Factor1331-Jul20:00
73120D Amplified Vocal Solos - 15 & over1731-Jul18:30
73121B PopRockJazz Solos_16 & U1902-Aug18:30
73121C PopRockJazz Solos_OPEN1402-Aug17:00
73123 RX Performance Factor831-Jul20:00
73120B Amplified Vocal 12 & U931-Jul16:30
73121A PopRockJazz Solos_12 & U501-Aug17:00
73123 RX Performance Factor331-Jul20:00
73120C Amplified Vocal 14 & U531-Jul14:00
73121B PopRockJazz Solos_16 & U1402-Aug18:30
73123 RX Performance Factor931-Jul20:00
73121C PopRockJazz Solos_OPEN1302-Aug17:00
73120C Amplified Vocal 14 & U1031-Jul14:00
73121B PopRockJazz Solos_16 & U702-Aug18:30
73120D Amplified Vocal Solos - 15 & over1031-Jul18:30