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Speech 2022

Insert Order Number (the number AFTER REOrder-2022-....) into the searchbox. Events will be listed in the same order in which they were entered.

Note:  do not include leading zeros.  So Order RE-2022-0099 should be entered as 99, Order RE-2022-1234 should be entered as 1234.

Note also: You may get extra entries, e.g. if you your order number is 99 you will probably see listed also 199, 299, etc.   However all of your 99 order should be there.

NOTE: All speech events take place at the West Ryde Community Centre, Anthony St, West Ryde.

Ord.No.Event NameC.No.SUBdatetime
29511 Extract from Shakespeare (Solo) 15 years & over303-Aug19:15
29527 OPEN AGE Verse by an Australian Poet417-Aug19:45
29521E Prose speaking 15 Yrs & over206-Aug17:30
29525K Verse speaking 15 yrs & over817-Aug19:00
29519 Character solo in costume. Open age427-Aug18:30
95504A Poem for two/three 8 & U123-Jul13:00
95532A NOVICE Speech Event 8 & U310-Aug17:00
95522A Prepared reading 8 & U120-Aug13:00
139525F Verse speaking 11 yrs only527-Aug13:45
161528A Verse speaking, test piece 6 & U530-Jul13:00
161529B Restricted Verse Speaking 9-10 yrs1920-Aug13:30
161530A Verse speaking, Boys 6 & U106-Aug13:00
161530D Verse speaking, Boys 9 yrs306-Aug13:30
234525A Verse speaking 6 & U213-Aug14:00
234528A Verse speaking, test piece 6 & U130-Jul13:00
235528D Verse speaking, test piece 9 yrs only920-Aug14:30
242522B Prepared reading 10 & U1010-Aug18:00
253502B Prepared Play SECONDARY527-Aug15:30
253502B Prepared Play SECONDARY727-Aug15:30
253502B Prepared Play SECONDARY927-Aug15:30