Instrumental Preregistration

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Instrumental PreRegistration

ALL competitors in instrumental solos, duos and ensembles  sections are asked to "preregister" their music details NO LATER THAN 24 hours before the performance.

The details can be lodged by anyone - the performer(s), teacher, parent or friend. They must know the section (or event number) and preferably the competitor number. 

Normally there will be just one item to enter but in some events - such as ensemble items  or multiinstruments or championship events - there could be two (or three) works to enter.  What is needed is the TITLE and the COMPOSER  - or, trad/anon/unknown etc.

The details given should match up with the music presented at the registration desk on the day of the performance.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO SUBMIT THIS ON ARRIVAL if not uploaded - see below.

NOTE: With instrumental submissions there is the option of submitting a copy of the music for the adjudicator online instead of submitting the copy at the registration desk.   Preferred format is as a pdf file though jpgs and pngs are also possible.  Where multiple works are submitted there are three file uploads possible.  PLEASE LABEL THE FILE WITH THE SECTION NUMBER AND COMPETITOR NUMBER - e.g. competitor 3 in section 224A would submit a file labelled 224A_3.    If the competitor number is not known and the competitor's surname was Ling then 224A_Ling would be acceptable.  For 3 items they should be labelled 224A_3_1, 224A_3_2 and 224A_3_3 .

If the competitor changes his/her mind and wants to submit a different work that is fine - the latest to be submitted will be taken.

The reasons for doing this are:

  • It saves valuable time at registration and enables the events to run more smoothly.
  • The information is projected on a screen to enable the audience to have a better understanding of what is being presented.

ON THE SUBMITTED FORM you need to fill in the name of the person the information and their contact email, then choose the event, give the competitor name  - and number if possible - then list the details of the works.  When SUBMIT is clicked the information is sent through to the database, the online administrator - and a copy to the submitter at the address indicated.