Information about Entries



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Online Extras - including programmes


Posted programmes can be ordered online at the same time as entering events - they are "event" No. 001 and are available from the online menu selection.

Competitors can find out their own timetabling information before they programme is printed -  from the menu item Timetabling Per Order Number, which is made available as soon as timetabling is complete.   About two weeks after that time the ordered posted programmes will be mailed.

NOTE:  Printed programmes may be picked up at each venue for $3 - for the Green,Blue,Yellow or Pink Programmes, $1 for the Seniors Plus Programme.

Online Downloadable Programmes have been introduced in 2017.  These will have the same format as the programme but have links to the website for information such as Rules and Conditions.  The programmes are intended for Online Use only - and will not be printable.  Each order will allow 3 downloads but then the link will cease to be active.  The initial link before the programme is available is a dummy document and should not be downloaded.  A notice will appear on the front of the webpage when the full programme is available.

ONLINE PURCHASES  which are still available after entries are closed:

• four colours of programmes (posted value $5) for the various disciplines

  • GREEN for Vocal Events
  • Blue for Instrumental Events
  • Yellow for Dance Events
  • Pink for Vocal Events

• four colours of programmes (online downloadable  value $5) for the various disciplines

• separate Seniors (Fifty-Plus) Programme  available for downloading after approximately May 15th.

•  special admission passes - Teachers Passes etc.

•  ETC's (extended time coupons for certain  sections (those marked with an * -  instrumental only)

• SEASON TICKETS can be purchased online (or at the door on entry). These cover entry for a family of 2 for all disciplines for the whole of the current season. They need to be printed off, signed and shown at the door on entry.  Normally they will be emailed but an option is given of having them mailed out with a programme - or mailed out separately, for a surcharge.